Enjoy our unbelievable photography with Danielle’s thoughts and facts from our 14 day Everest Base Camp Trek.

Here are 15 of our favourite Everest Base Camp trek photos. All photography is our own.

Find some fun facts and information along with these amazing Everest Base Camp photos.


Trekking at altitude is so incredibly exhausting. Our 14 day Everest Base Camp trek was the hardest thing we have ever done.

We were so tired at the end of the day that we slept for over 12 hours every night.

everest base camp photo

Showers were about 1000 rupees ($10) in Gorak Shep. It was much too cold up there to shower.

Fun fact: my hair actually almost turned into dreadlocks. There is a photo somewhere, but there is no way I’m sharing it.

path to mountains. everest base camp photo

There are so many stray dogs on the way up to Everest Base Camp.

“Jim-Bone” was a mountain dog we made friends with. He followed us around all day in Dingboche.

Some of the things that we saw porters carrying up the mountain were unbelievable.

We saw ONE man carry a pizza oven on his back (5 times the size of a standard microwave)!!

It got as low as -25 degrees C at night during our Everest Base Camp trek.

We never did go out at night to see the stars. We were never brave enough to go outside after dark, due to the fear of never getting warm again (and dying). 

amazing views. everest base camp photo

There is a delicious Nepali snack called “mo-mos“.

My love for Mo-Mos is very, very strong! I don’t even want to think about how many portions I had…


Don’t forget the hand sanitiser. Mule-poop crumbs live everywhere.

monastery. everest base camp photo

The outside temperature dipped below -25C some nights.

It was surprisingly not actually that cold at night once you got inside the sleeping bag (and had the 2 extra blankets on top). 

buddha eyes. everest base camp photo

Everyday items got really, really expensive higher up on the mountain.

“500 Rupees for a toilet roll!”… I think it’s safe to say that I embarrassed Brenna by shouting about this in Dingboche.

If you’re feeling inspired, and would like all the information you’ll ever need to complete your own Everest Base Camp trek, click on the link here to view our very detailed guide.

If you’re interested in what a 14 day trek might cost you, click on this link to view our very detailed breakdown of all the costs incurred.


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  3. Well ladies what can I say what an amazing adventure, beautiful pictures with great stories and step by step guides… A true inspiration keep going ………looking forward to see where your next travel story brings – good luck girls have fun all the best Julie OConnor

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