That really is a tougher question than I thought it would be.

We are definitely backpackers, I’m sure of that. We are budget travellers – we have to be: we are jobless travel bums. Although, sometimes we would love to be luxury travel experts in fancy 5-star resorts, with bell boys to carry our smelly backpacks – but, who wouldn’t?!

All joking aside, we bloody love backpacking! We get to meet so many like-minded people, and I really do think that we get to see a different side to a country, outside the walls of the all-inclusive-resort and private-chauffeur-driven transfers (although, don’t get me wrong, it’s nice to have a relaxing break with no stress or worries). We get to talk to more locals and spend money in the small, local businesses, even if that does ultimately mean haggling with tuk-tuk/taxi drivers for longer than I care to admit.

I’m rambling! Budget travel!

So, some of the basic rules that we try to stick to:

  • Accommodation: spend as little as possible (kind of)! But, this doesn’t mean the cheapest place in town… We’ve learnt that the hard way! One too many bed bug incidences (turns out that they love the taste of a sweaty Danielle. Gross)! We also try not to stay in dorm rooms. We love hostels for the social element and the common rooms, we just don’t enjoy listening to strangers snoring and those inconsiderate bastards that think packing their bags at 4am is okay (if that’s you: not cool dude)! It also works out about the same price for the two of us to share a private room – sometimes actually cheaper. Win win!
  • Eat cheap! The best food is usually the local food (apart from the Philippines, too many barbecued meats – if you’ve been, you know what I’m talking about). We love food! It really is one of our favourite parts about travelling. Trying all of the local dishes and going to the random little restaurants full of locals sitting on plastic stools and garden chairs. That being said, for the most part we avoid the street food, that’s a little too cheap for us. We fear getting ill – we no longer have stomachs of steel. If you do, go for it! I’m kind of jealous (one too many dodgy stomach incidences). Slightly embarrassingly, we tend to just google: ‘cheap eats near me’, or ‘vegetarian restaurants near me’ haha. We read a few reviews and try our luck. For the most part it works out pretty well.
  • Spend money on doing things! If you are in a country, you probably won’t be back any time soon, because there is so, so, much more out there to go and see! So, do it while you are there! If something costs $100 and it’s cool and we want to do it, we will do it! We travel for new experiences. We will never be on such a tight budget that we stay in the bed-bug-riddled-dorm-room and eat the 50p ‘meat’ on a stick to prolong a trip by a month or two (and be utterly miserable in the process). We’d rather go back to work. We are speaking from experience: we spent a few weeks eating bread and jam on a Thai island (that was a little out of our price range) a few years ago. NEVER AGAIN!

Just to be clear, to fund the long adventures we go on, we did work very hard back in UK doing 48 hour a week jobs to earn every penny ourselves. It really is our life goals to go and see the whole world! Really see it – not just go to the capital city for 2 days and consider it conquered. You just can’t get a feel for a place if you are there for such a minuscule amount of time. Just ticking countries off the list isn’t our goal or our style. We can’t be the only one’s that feel like a 2 day trip to Moscow to scratch off the whole of Russia just seems like cheating, right?!

But hey, that’s just our opinions!

So, to summarise: we are budget backpackers, but not budget-budget backpackers. That makes senses right?

We do things for the memories they create. Not to just say we’ve done it.


So you are curious about who the heck Perusing the Planet are? Well we’d hate to keep you in suspense! But be warned, it’s not overly interesting!

We both used to work in the hospitality industry (a good old fashioned English pub). Danielle was the front of house Manager and Brenna was the friendly chef (honest – they do exist). We’d known each other about 3 months, and after a night of possibly one too many: Peronis, Stellas, and Porn Star Martinis, we decided quitting our jobs and going to see the world was a fabulous idea. The next morning we had two sore heads and two one-way flights to Bangkok booked for June 2017. Brenna was convinced Dan would bail on the plan, not knowing her very well (once Danielle has decided something, it’s happening), but – of course – she didn’t! So, in short that’s the how it all started!

Brenna had already done a bit of solo travel, but Danielle was new to it all. We’d like to say Dan took it all in her stride, but that would not be true at all. She took a while to get used to the massive culture shock. Nothing could quite prepare her for the thick, humid air Bangkok was filled with. To be fair, it only took a week or two, as she had her heart set on loving the adventure.

After 11 months in Asia – covering 11 countries – our money was running out (we spent far too much on drinking beer on beautiful beaches, NO REGRETS!).


So we got a flight to California, and set out on a 3 month hike. The Pacific Crest Trail was an amazing, crazy adventure! Walking 10-20 miles a day; living in a tent; not seeing a town for about a week; eating nothing but ramen and instant mash; going slightly crazy singing “thinking about my mash potato, that will get me up the hill” on repeat all day long. Something clicked and we realised how you really don’t need much to be happy, and the minimal life for 3 months was so much better than we had imagined. No phones & no WiFi – just nature and the amazing, great outdoors. But, that being said, our favourite part of the week was definitely going to town, eating a big, greasy burger and sleeping in a REAL bed. By the time the 3 months of living outside was up, Danielle was more than happy to be going back to reality, Brenna not so much.

The feeling of wanting to go back to the real world was short lived for Danielle. Brenna knew she wasn’t ready to go back to work even before we were back.

After about 2 months, we both knew we wanted to go away again! So the saving began! The hard life of working 48 hours a week, late nights and busy weekends all seemed so worth it knowing we would run away again soon.

It’s not that we didn’t like our jobs, we’d just had a slice of adventure and we were not ready to be ‘grown ups’ just yet. We both feel life is too short to to be tied down to a mortgage and responsibilities when there is so much to see out there!

So in September 2018 we were back to reality… we both went back to the same company and resumed the lives we’d left behind.

We’d been back for 12 months, and in that time had added another 7 counties to the ever growing list of places we’d had the pleasure of visiting.

Travel is the thing that makes us both happiest!

So by August of 2019, enough money was saved to escape again.

This time we chose a 3 month bicycle tour down the Pacific coast highway in the US. Seattle – Los Angeles (well, to be honest, it was actually meant to be along the old Route 66 – but that lasted for 500 miles and we didn’t like it. So we decided to change plans, and the next day we were on a flight to Seattle. It’s safe to say we are VERY spontaneous).

That was yet another crazy adventure, and very hard work. Brenna had already done a long distance bike-ride from Rome to Greece. Danielle had cycled the London to Brighton (53 miles) a few years ago for charity, and vowed never to get on a bike again (with absolutely no training… well, 2 small bikes rides of a few miles. Which mostly consisted of pushing the bike up hills and moaning about her sore bum).

But, being up for a challenge, she had agreed to the bike tour, and by the end we had both clocked up over 2,000 miles in the saddle. We were both actually sad that trip was over.

So, blogging… we thought about blogging on the last trip, but it just never really happened. This time around we both feel more experienced and capable of actually giving good advise and honest, helpful tips.

Brenna is the brains. She’s the amazing photographer, drone girl, writer, designer!  Danielle’s job is people! She does the social media, some writing (not a lot, and it’s edited a lot by Brenna) and she’s the chattier one. If you email us, she’ll talk to you.

Happy reading! We hope you find some useful information, maybe crack a smile, or just enjoy the photos! If you have any questions we’d love to hear from you!

about brenna

I’m Brenna. I’m the blonde one. I’m the one in charge of taking the photos.

I’ve always loved travelling and adventures. My first trip (as a fresh 19 year old) was to California, to hike the Pacific Crest Trail. Like most things in life, it didn’t go to plan, and I ended up hiking about 200 miles before giving up and travelling California instead. Luckily, we went back to California together to complete the same hike in the summer of 2018.

I love photography and travelling, and I’m super lucky to have been able to do both for so many years of my adult life.

“Nothing shall ruin today”

about danielle

Hello! So I’m Danielle (the brunette), D, Dani, Dan – I go by a lot of names. I like them all. I don’t really like talking about myself, so I’ll keep it short and sweet (short like me, but not sweet – I’m better described as brutally honest).

So, I’m in my mid 20’s (27 is mid right? – totally trying to cling onto my youth). I’m from north London. And obviously, I love travelling, new adventures and being outdoors. I’m always hungry, and do enjoy a good moan (as Brenna will tell you). I think that pretty much sums me up… Although if you do have any questions just ask.